Type I Binary Compounds contain Group I, II, and III metals with non-metal ions.  Answers are shown below.
KCl potassium chloride MgO magnesium oxide
K2O potassium oxide AlCl3 aluminum chloride
CaO calcium oxide BaS barium sulfide
MgCl2 magnesium chloride Al2S3 aluminum sulfide
NaH sodium hydride SrF2 strontium fluoride
ZnS zinc sulfide MgI2 magnesium iodide
RbBr rubidium bromide CaSe calcium selenide
Al2O3 aluminum oxide BaBr2 barium bromide
Na3N sodium nitride CsCl cesium chloride
Ca2C calcium carbide Mg3P2 magnesium phosphide
KI potassium iodide CaCl2 calcium chloride

Give correct formulas for these Type I binary compounds
calcium iodide CaI2 magnesium phosphide Mg3P2
calcium hydride CaH2 sodium chloride NaCl
magnesium fluoride MgF2 barium oxide BaO
cadmium bromide CdBr2 aluminum arsenide AlAs
sodium nitride Na3N calcium sulfide CaS
rubidium oxide Rb2O potassium selenide K2Se
barium nitride Ba3N2 sodium iodide NaI
lithium chloride LiCl lithium sulfide Li2S
silver sulfide Ag2S calcium carbide Ca2C
aluminum nitride AlN sodium hydride NaH
cesium fluoride CsF magnesium nitride Mg3N2

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