During a sabbatical leave, Jeff Ihara put together a research program designed expressly to provide MiraCosta biology students with research opportunities.

Click HERE for more information on this program, as offered through BIO292, Biology Internships.
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Okay, I put the the obligatory photo of me in the background of this page.  This is a fairly recent shot (2006, taken at Kangaroo Island in South Australia).  I haven't grown too much since this picture was taken!

My office is on the Oceanside Campus of MiraCosta College, room 4519.  Click here for a campus map.
I teach in the Biology Department.  Here is a link to the department's web site.
I work at MiraCosta College.  Here is a link to the College's web site.
I am a faculty advisor to the Natural Science Club!  Here is a link to the NSC Home Page.
My office phone number is (760) 757-2121, ext 6525.  Email, however, is the best way to contact me.  My email address is
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