Chicano Park Murals

I have chosen 16 murals from Chicano Park for you to consider for your first writing assignment. I do not claim them as the best murals at the park, only the ones that I had decent photos of that seemed to open up enough material for you to think about before we go to the park. Make sure that you click on the smaller icon and look at the larger image before you actually select a mural to write about in your discussion forum post.

You can view larger images by clicking on the smaller image in each box.



Link to Tribute to Roger Lucero Images

Tribute to Roger Lucero

Link to Varrio Si Images

Varrio Si, Yonkes No!

Mujer Cosmica

Mujuer Cosmica

Link to Death of the Farmworker Images

Death of the Farmworker

Historical Mural

Link to Familia Images

La Familia

Link to Images of Mural

La Tierra Mia Logo / Rage of the Chicano

Link to Renacimiento Images

(Birith of La Raza)

Link to Virgen Images

Virgen de Guadalupe

Links to Caotlicue images


Links to Voz Libre Images

Voz Libre

Link to Collossus Images


Link to Mandala mural image

Mandala Mural

Link to Tree of Life Images

Tree of Life



all photos by Jim Sullivan


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