Welcome to my web page! Hope you find what you are looking for…course descriptions, contact info, and links to marine biology organizations that you can get involved with.

My name is Jeanine Donley and I am the Marine Biology instructor here at MiraCosta College. I came here from Scripps Institution of Oceanography where my doctoral research was on the muscle physiology and biomechanical design in fishes (mainly sharks). Before completing my PhD at Scripps, I earned a Masters degree at Cal State Fullerton in the field of comparative fish physiology.

My main research interest is in understanding the functional mechanical design and evolution in high-performance fishes…my favorites being the scombrids and lamnid sharks.

If you take my Marine Biology course you will find that I love to talk about fish! You will also explore topics revolving around extreme adaptations, such as those found in the deepest diving mammals and birds and adaptations in deep sea predators. You will also learn more than you ever wanted to know about the reproductive habits of some coastal inhabitants and why you should avoid dropping your marshmallows in the sand at your next beach campfire.

In my class we dive into topics encompassing basic biological principles that will prepare you for a future in biology or whichever field you may enter into as you pursue your academic goals. By the way, I also teach general biology and physiology.

My contact info...  
Email: jdonley@miracosta.edu
Mailing Address: MiraCosta College
1 Barnard Drive
Oceanside, Ca. 92056